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SON OF CORNWALL - Crowdfunding a Documentary

Going on a road trip along Cornwall’s picturesque shore in summer 2018, opera singer John Treleaven gives his son, filmmaker Lawrence Richards, exclusive insights into his unusual life. The feature-length documentary explores what it takes to lead a successful life as an artist. To finance the project that has been a long-held dream of his, Richards and his production company Indievisuals chose crowdfunding.

Lawrence Richards is a filmmaker with a passion for people and their stories. It has been his dream since he started out to make a documentary about his father John Treleaven who made it from fisherman’s son in Cornwall to an international opera star. John who recently retired can look back on a life of success and turmoil. Engagements took him all around the world from Scotland to the USA, Japan, South Africa and Mainz, Germany where the young family with two kids decided to settle down in the 90s. Over the years Lawrence filmed his father on stage and backstage to capture unique moments and great performances. But working as an artist, always under the scrutiny of the audience and critics, John’s incredible lifestyle also brought darkness which he wasn’t always able to cope with. 
But with the archive material, there was always something missing, a more personal touch, more insight into the person John really is. That’s why John and Lawrence are going on a two-week road trip along Cornwall’s coast. One of the highlights will be a concert sung by John in his hometown Porthleven, Cornwall, at the end of their journey. During the road trip they will explore themselves and each other, dive deep into the past & present and what it means to lead the life of a creative. Why take on the struggles and pressure of an artist’s life? Is it worth taking on all the negative sides just to fulfill one’s dreams? Are there regrets, as a singer, as a father? Along with archive material of John’s great opera performances, exclusive interviews of companions and an enthralling soundtrack, SON OF CORNWALL is a tribute to & conversation with John Treleaven – Cornish boy, opera singer, father, star. 
Through the crowdfunding campaign, Lawrence will be able to not only pay the film crew during shooting and postproduction but also gains the freedom to make the personal, authentic documentary he always envisioned. The campaign will run for forty days beginning end of February. As a thank you supporters can receive the DVD, get a credit in the film, a meet & greet with John and even an exclusive concert. The goal for the campaign is to reach 60.000€. 
More information on the campaign can be found on IndieGogo.com as soon as the campaign goes live: https://igg.me/at/sonofcornwall
Indievisuals - Lawrence Richards                    sonofcornwall@indievisuals.de
Poststraße 37                                                    Tel.: +49 172 6857292
55126 Mainz                                                     http://www.indievisuals.de/

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